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As the primary photographer, I stay with the Bride and Groom for the entire day, from the getting-ready shots like makeup and suiting up, to the first look, to the reception. Formal portraits of the bridal party generally occur after the wedding ceremony and before the reception. Once I receive an itinerary for the wedding day, I try to choose locations for us to shoot with consideration of time and distance from the next way point.


I give 100% during your wedding day. During the portrait session, I try to give clear directions to get the shots we need quickly and efficiently. I also pay attention to the details of the more intimate moments during the day, like the Maid of Honor sharing a childhood story, in which I would have my camera ready to capture the pure emotions.  

I generally try to get along with the wedding party and guests, and show them that I'm not only professional, but friendly and fun, without being intrusive. This not only helps your guests to have a good time, but to also be more comfortable in front of the camera for great photos. I dress up for all the weddings I photograph. Being a vendor is no excuse to dress any other way. I'm comfortable working with all wedding vendors, and I make it a point to connect with the person who knows what's going on (i.e. the wedding planner, Maid of Honor, a sister or a brother). This allows me to avoid bothering the Bride and Groom when it isn't necessary. My goal at the end of the day is to deliver beautiful photos of your wedding, all the while assisting in making the day less stressful for you so that you can enjoy your big day.