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Typically, we will shoot the engagement session in a location of your choosing. If you're uncertain of where you want to shoot, we can work together to choose a few spots. I enjoy working with a variety of locations, and I encourage you to let me know of any places with significant meaning to you and your partner. I once shot at an aviation museum; how cool is that!?

Common locations include public parks, national parks, downtown (including your favorite café for candid shots), iconic bridges, and beaches. San Francisco is a great example of a city that has all of the above. I also LOVE to travel, so don't be afraid to ask!


Depending on how many locations we visit, two or three outfits are preferred. Wear clothing that fits your style and personality. After all, these photos are about you! Many of my clients often choose to have a casual outfit (jeans, boots, collared top, etc.) and a dressier outfit (suit, tie, dress, etc.). If there is a favorite team between the two of you, bring the jerseys! I would generally advise against matching colors and suggest wearing complementary colors. This helps distinguish you two when you're holding each other close. In the end, it's up to you to wear what makes you feel and look good because feeling good shows on camera--trust me.


We start with some very basic poses and eventually, posing becomes easier and more natural. I like to capture the little things in between for the genuine and candid moments. Throughout the session, I also aim to get to know more about my clients and create a comfortable atmosphere. This engages you to talk about each other and to elicit some real emotions. My focus of the shoot is not just to have beautiful photographs, but for us to be better acquainted. This way, when the wedding day comes, you're already comfortable with me and know what to expect.